Level 7 Diploma for Senior Leaders(8431-63)

Level 7 Diploma for Senior Leaders(8431-63)

Level 7 Diploma for Senior Leaders
  • Develop your Senior Leadership skills, providing you with the most current strategic leadership capabilities needed to effectively lead a department or organization.

    This Level 7 Diploma is designed for senior leaders seeking to develop as strategic leaders within an organization and gain confidence in executing great leadership skills. It is ideal for a leader who has senior management responsibility or is undertaking the Senior Leaders Apprenticeship.
  • Results for you
    • Develop and establish your strategic leaderships skills needed to face the current demands required of Senior Leaders
    • Develop your leadership and influencing skills to deliver organizational strategy such as change and agile transformation programmes, diversification, new product implementation and customer experience improvement
    • Develop your critical analysis and decision-making skills using strategic insights and data analysis 
    • Proactively use social, economic and technological trends and developments, promote innovation to address changing requirements and take advantage of new opportunities
    • Develop your crisis / risk management skills which could affect business/department performance, while finding solutions in a responsible and ethical way
    • Develop your skills in leading people development including talent management, succession planning, workforce design, and coaching and mentoring 
    • Develop your skills on how to cultivate and maintain collaborative relationships
    • Develop your skills in shaping external communications which align with any wider organizational communications strategy 
    • Ensure compliance with internal governance and external governance, such as any regulatory and statutory requirements.

Focus on the skills you need

The Diploma for Senior Leaders is unit-based, giving you full flexibility to identify the areas of development specific to your own work context and of particular interest and relevance.  It 
provides a comprehensive and complete toolkit for Senior Leaders. 

Guided learning hours: 547 hours
Total qualification time: 1001 hours
Structure: 7 mandatory units. Individual units can be undertaken and certificated. To achieve the qualification, learners are required to complete the seven mandatory units (700-706).