Big Data & Business Analytics (M.Sc.)

Big Data & Business Analytics (M.Sc.)

Big Data & Business Analytics (M.Sc.)
The degree program shall consist of four academic semesters and a thesis.
The program shall begin with a twelve-month period of study in Sri Lanka at NIST. The course content, level of instruction and examinations shall conform to FOM quality standards and are equivalent to the Master study program which is already conducted at FOM.
The third and fourth semesters of study will take place at FOM in Germany.
Students who have accumulated a minimum of 40 Credit Points by successfully passing examinations in semester 1 and 2 are assured of acceptance into the 3rd semester.
The language of instruction shall be English. Admission to the degree program requires a minimal proficiency level of B2. NIST shall ensure that each participant's level of English proficiency is at or above this level.
Participants may be asked to furnish a certificate of proficiency. The curricula of the common study
program includes one German language module with 40 teaching hours. As the scope is just 40 teaching hours, FOM cannot guarantee any language proficiency according to the European reference framework. Students should be encouraged to learn the German language independently.
If all modules of the first two semesters are successfully completed, the examination results will be integrated by FOM with the results of the module examinations.

Admission requirements
• University degree Bachelor with at least 60 credit points in (business) computer science or (business) engineering
or with at least 60 credit points from related modules (e.g. mathematics, statistics)
or with successful completion of an admission
• English language proficiency B2

1st Semester

Big Data Architecture & Infrastructure (5 CP)

Decision Focused Management (6 CP)

Leadership & Sustainability (6 CP)

Big Data Analytics (6 CP)

Deutsch (6 CP)

2nd Semester

Applied Programming (6 CP)

Analysis of Semi- & Unstructured Data (5 CP)

Project Management of Big Data Projects (5 CP)

Area of Application: Business Analytics (5 CP)

Ethics & Law (5 CP)

Information-Security (6 CP)

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